American Pet Pro Ranking Process Explained

First off, thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better!

We aim to serve as your go-to expert source for pet advice and trusted recommendations.

To achieve this we’ve built a team of experts and writers which include registered vet technicians (RVTs), Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs), animal trainers, researchers of pet products and services, as well as passionate animal lovers and pet owners.

We’re committed to providing everyone on the pet owner spectrum, be they new or veteran, with the highest quality product choices, practical advice, trusted and easy-to-digest information, services and real-life tips.

American Pet Pro is where concious pet owners go for valuable information and trusted recommendations.

Our Mission

We’re committed to serving as your most trustworthy source for reliable pet products and services recommendations.

With pet ownership on the rise and no signs of slowing down, new owners are emerging every day. Owners with little to no experience in the importance of proper pet nutrition, brand differentiation, veterinary care, and preferred lifestyles of their beloved pets. Making things more difficult is the seemingly infinite amount of choices when it comes to pet products and services. Sorting through them can be overwhelming and time-consuming to both new and seasoned pet owners.

Taking this into consideration, we seek to improve the lives of animals by informing animal owners all over the world with well-researched pet care articles and pet product purchasing advice. Helping you find what you’re looking for quickly and reliably; with full transparency and by carefully listening to your needs.

Our Story

American Pet Pro emerged from a passion-project of the animal-loving founders of Golden Ape Media, an established digital marketing company. Both of whom were born and raised on farmlands where cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs served as their entertainment (and responsibility) for quite a while.

All grown up and having spent nearly a decade helping simplify purchasing decisions for consumers through informational websites in an unrelated industry, they had an epiphany whilst frustratingly trying to find the best cat food for their pet Maine Coon, Bella. Aside from a few well managed websites, everything was all over the place, poor design and user experiences rampant, there was no coheseviness or synergy across the pet onwership spectrum either: the pet reviews industry is ripe for positive change.

After speaking with caring and conscientious owners of all kinds of pets, something became clear. They realized this was one of those rare opportunities to fuse their love for animals with their extensive website development experience, team-building skills, consumer products research, and invaluable knowledge of marketing tactics deployed by companies; they set on creating a truly independent and impartial resource for pet product recommendations.

The rest, as they say, is history. Next up, meet the team making it all possible!

Meet Our Writers & Editors

Our contributors are some of the most passionate animal lovers we’ve ever met; who obsessively browse the retail landscape (both online and off) to find the best products for your (and our) pet. Never hesistant to roll up the sleeves and dig in, to do the hours of research necessary for bringing about the information needed, and sought after by so many pet owners.

Besides being experts in our fields—we’re consumers too—and we have a passion for products and services that make life easier for you and your pet!

chloe weaver

Chloe Weaver, A.S.

Chloe is a kennel technician with 15+ years of experience working with canines. She has volunteered with several rescues including the SPCA and Houston Pets Alive.

Chloe currently holds an Associate of Science in Agriculture and is attending school to become a Veterinarian in the future. Her immense passion for animal welfare has led her to freelance writing in hopes of helping to educate others on the issue.

Veterinary Review Board

Finding trustworthy content online can be difficult, period, let alone trusted veterinary advice. To better serve you and increase our chances of publishing fact-checked material, when it comes to sensitive topics, we’ve added a Veterinary Review Board to the mix. Our goal is to offer you well-researched information in a transparent manner, with which you can keep your animals happy and healthy.

With that said, you’ll notice that some of the content on our site has a Fact Checked badge. This indicates that one of our board-certified vet professionals, or another similarly credentialed expert, has reviewed and edited the content; paying special attention to the accuracy and relevancy of the information presented.

Dr. Joanna Hardy

Dr. Joanna De Klerk, BVetMed (hons) MScTAH

Dr. Jo graduated from the prestigious Royal Veterinary College in London, with an Honours in Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, she then went on to complete a Masters in Tropical Animal Health and a Certificate in Companion Animal Pain Management. She works as a veterinarian for dogs, cats and horses and has a particular interest in nutrition, pain management, neurological disorders and welfare.

She has written two books ‘Tales from a Young Vet’ and ‘Tales from a Wild Vet’, and enjoys volunteering as a vet for various charities, from which tales are recounted in the books. She has two dogs, a nutty Springer Spaniel, and a shy little Yorkshire Terrier, and in her spare time enjoys walking, horseback riding and music.

Jo was also one of the stars of BBC 2’s Young Vets, a very popular hit TV series, well known under her maiden name, Jo Hardy. She has been featured in the Daily Express, The Guardian, and Female First.

Our Research Process

Whether you’re after dog food, cat toys, aquarium substrates, bird feeders, hamster cages, etc., our team researches and deep dives into the topic to find the best and most relevant information possible whilst explaining why and how the products/services are chosen. Subsequently finishing the process with an informative and easily digestible list, article, or guide. The ultimate goal of our writers is to ensure you find the best-suited items for your animal friend and/or that you’re confident as to what direction to take when it comes to questions about animal care.

Why You Should Trust Us

We are in this for the long haul, not a quick buck.

The brands you find listed on hold no influence over us. We’re not loyal to any specific retailer or brand, we’re loyal to you, our visitor. Brands cannot buy their position, receive special treatment, or manipulate and inflate their ranking on our site. The product recommendations from American Pet Pro are purely editorial.

If or when our team recieves free samples to conduct a review on, it is fully disclosed and all final opinions are are objectively our own; companies are clearly made aware of this. We only make money through commission, if you purchase a product through some of our links. We never let retailers, public relation firms, or salespeople determine our content and product coverage.

No, we do the heavy lifting on our own by tapping into our network of experts and spending hundreds of hours researching, to help you make smarter buying decisions – and to ultimately avoid that dreaded thing called buyer’s remorse!

If you’d like to know how we’re able to do all this and generate revenue, read our disclosure statement. You’ll learn how we’re able to stay operational, produce thoughtful quality research, and provide you with a minimal ads user experience all at no cost to you.

How We Rank Products

Our subject matter experts and reviewers spend hours rigorously evaluating the dozens (sometimes hundreds) of available products and/or pet care topics in each pet category. From there, they use their relevant expertise and research to make a shortlist of the best-selling and most promising products, the ones worth your consideration. Finally, someone from our veterinary review board will do an additional review, check for accuracy and add/subtract anything that was missed.

Sometimes we go even further.

We can’t buy them all (just yet), but. . .

If we’ve decided that you, the consumer, would greatly benefit from us purchasing a product and offering additional insight from us examining it, we’ll buy the product from the marketplace, just as you would. Thereafter, putting the product claims under independent evaluation and testing. Whenever we do this, we disclose it in the lists or reviews accordingly.

Things We Consider When Ranking

We tailor our ratings to each category and avoid using a one-size-fits-all method. For example, we rate hamster cages on their design and stability but evaluate chew proof dog beds based on their material, comfort and durability, among other factors.

However, there are some constant considerations, such as:

  • verified consumer reviews and insights (both good and bad),
  • brand trustworthiness,
  • ingredient profile (for nutritional products),
  • company standards,
  • pricing and value,
  • availability,
  • and more.

At the end of it all, we present you with an overall rating (positive or negative), pros and cons for each product, and pertinent experiences and opinions directly from our reviewers.

Our goal is to give you the most unbiased feedback once it’s all said and done.

Our User Ranked Lists

While browsing our site you may come across two lists next to each other on some posts: editor picks and user ranked.

This is an effort by us to paint a clearer picture of the pet industry. We’ve put together a proprietary user ranking system that gives you the ability to down-vote or up-vote a product and/or service; as well as recommend one you don’t see on the list.

How does it work? Easily! Whenever a visitor lands on one of these posts, they’ll see the user ranked section, there they can upvote or downvote a product/service based on their personal experience.

Why do this? You can’t argue with data.

A lot can come out of a review site allowing users to voice their honest opinions based on personal experience.

Here’s some of the things we hope to accomplish with our user ranking system:

  • Push for better pet products and services; by presenting objective user feedback
  • Provide our readers with the ability to offer their much valued opinion
  • Provide our editors and experts with this valuable consumer opinion to take into consideration
  • Help the pet community see how their favorite items stack up to overall online sentiment
  • Serve as an unbiased reference for media outlets looking to gauge sentiment among pet owners.

This tool serves as yet another example of how American Pet Pro continues to serve as the go-to source for the quickest, seamless, and most trustworthy way to find the best pet product recommendations for animals of all kinds.

We’re Always Improving

At American Pet Pro, we take great pride in the quality of our content. Our team creates accurate, original, and engaging content that is free of ethical concerns or conflicts. If you ever come across an article that you think needs to be improved, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to grow, we will post the most commonly asked questions below. If you have one you think deserves to be here, please feel free to ask us.

Is your content only for Americans?

Absolutely not, we are proud to be Americans, but our mission, vision and content is intended for a global audience.