5 Best Cat Litter Mats

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It’s definitely aggravating when your cat is done using their litter box, only to track litter all over the house because the mat you’re using doesn’t pick up any dirt.

Choosing the right mat is essential in keeping your carpet clean and preventing your cat from having dirty paws all day long. If you didn’t know, cat urine can make you sick, so it’s always good to have a clean waste-free floor.

The options listed below are the highest in quality and make life with your cat much more convenient!

Top 5 Cat Litter Mats to Consider

1. Easyology Cat Litter Mats

Easyology Cat Litter Mats


  • Sufficiently catches and holds litter
  • Heavy, won’t move around or shift positions
  • BPA free materials

Since the Easyology has a smooth surface, you don’t ever have to worry about your cat snagging his nails. The woven fiber material cleans your cat’s paws as they are leaving their litter box. The purpose of the fiber is to create a trap that catches dirt and litter for cats who tend to kick and spray litter everywhere. The mat is also weighted to ensure that it stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around while your cat does his business.

Thus far, people have not been happy with the level of litter and dirt that accumulates within this mat, although it is advertised as easy to clean. The fiber material is meant to keep your floor clean, but there is an issue with it collecting too much litter. So much in fact, that the Easy Lodge is actually very difficult to vacuum and remove dirt.

Your best option for cleaning this kitty litter mat would be to rinse it off and set it outside where you can allow it to dry naturally.

It’s not recommended to put this map in your washer or dryer simply because of the level of filth that it can absorb.It is not waterproof and it will absorb urine vomit or diarrhea should your cat fail to make it to the litter box. On the plus side the size of this mat works well for people who are fostering or own several cats.

This kitty litter mat is completely BPA free, an added bonus for those who are concerned about environmental and health consciousness, and the jumbo size is able to service up to two cats at a time.

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2. Black Hole Cat Litter Mat

Black Hole Cat Litter Mat


  • Sifter provides easy cleanup and waste removal
  • Made from nontoxic materials
  • Double-layer feature helps save money on kitty litter

With a honeycomb design to keep litter from dispersing onto your carpet, the Black Hole Cat Litter Mat is made from a waterproof, EVA heavy-duty foam material. It is non-toxic and won’t cause your pet any harm if they happen to lick it. While this mat does come in lighter colors such as pink and green, it’s probably best to go with something darker just in case your cat does happen to pee on it.

The Black Hole is specially designed with two layers; The top is meant to help sift litter and waste through the bottom. Then, when you’re ready you can just take the top layer off and dump the waste that has collected into the bottom into the trash. This helps to keep your mat clean and also prevents you from having to replace it or buy a new one as frequently as you would with a mat that has to be washed.

The only downside to this cat litter mat is that it is rather light, so it doesn’t stay in place as well as some of the heavier mats do. It’s also open on both ends so if you aren’t careful about balancing it when you empty it out, your mat could potentially spill litter all over the floor. Just be extra careful when you attempt to clean it out!

Although it might be somewhat inconvenient it’s probably best to clean this mat more often than you would with others, that way if you do accidentally spill it you won’t have such a huge mess on your hands. If your cats tend to track litter all over the house this might not be the mat you want to purchase as it does not remove litter from their paws.

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3. Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat

Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat


  • Litter-locking mesh
  • Includes helpful tips and constructions for setup
  • Neutral color keeps urine stains from being obvious

The Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat is yet another environmentally and health conscious product thanks to its non-carcinogenic properties. The durable PVC material is resistant to water and can be sprayed down for a quick clean up. While this mat does contain the same fibrous material that absorbs dirt and litter, it’s not quite as rough as some of the other options are.

It’s still soft enough for your cat to walk comfortably on, which is important because cats have very sensitive paws. If your kitty happens to be a side-stepper who likes to avoid stepping on their cat litter mat by any means possible, you’ll be happy to know that this mat is wide enough to where your cats won’t have a choice.

The Pawkin Extra Large Kitty Mat is nearly perfect in functionality, but there is one glaring and very noticeable flaw with this product. After a few months, this Matt does start to smell like urine. It seems that no matter how much cat owners attempt to clean the Pawkin, there is still an unpleasant and lingering scent. Sadly, many people who have purchased this product have decided to throw it away after only using it very briefly.

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4. Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Pad

Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Pad


  • Comes in neutral colors such as gray tan brown and black
  • Large enough to support 3 to 4 litter boxes, depending on the size
  • Can be easily rolled up and stored away when necessary

Lots of mats are designed to be deep and heavy in order to keep them from sliding around, as well as containing litter inside the mat and off of your carpet. Instead, the Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Pad Has a non-slip backing, so it’s thin, lightweight and much easier to clean then a litter pad that would be deeper and more absorbent.

When you do try to clean it, all you need to do is dump excess litter back into the box or you can just suck it up with a hose vacuum. Thankfully, you won’t have to vacuum anything up off your carpet because this mat keeps your cat from tracking litter as they walk through your home.

Although it’s not really a negative trait, The Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Pad does not come in smaller sizes. It’s only available in extra-large or jumbo, but if you do need to put it away for storage you can easily roll it up and place it in a closet, or under a cabinet. Other cat litter mats are often very bulky and aren’t quite as convenient when it comes to storage.

The biggest complaint that people had for this mat, was that it is not in fact waterproof. upon attempting to clean the area around the Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Pad, several owners have noted that urine actually leaked through it. Some owners have even had to use a putty knife in order to peel the mat off the floor.

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5. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper

Iprimio Cat Litter Trapper


  • Puppy pads can be placed in between the two layers
  • Buit-in holes are smooth and gentle on cat paws

Last but definitely not least, the iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper might just be the best option on this list. The bottom of this litter pad is the actual mat; however the top half is actually a plastic film that contains several decent sized holes. As your cat exits their litter box and steps onto the iPrimio, any excess waste will fall off of their paws and in between the mat and the plastic film.

This design helps to reduce litter waste, and ensures that there won’t be as much of a mess when you attempt to clean the iPrimio. Some cats like this mat so much, that a few have actually decided to stop using their litter box and use the iPrimio instead. While it’s wonderful that pets seem to be enjoying this product, it’s probably pretty irritating for cat owners who want their cats to use the actual litter box.

if you have a new puppy in the home you can also use this mat for training purposes as well!  Since puppies frequently pee and poop where they aren’t supposed to, placing a puppy pad or newspaper in between the two layers of the iPrimio should make a big difference and housebreaking.  Most pads contain a special scent that canines are attracted to, so you can look forward to a break from cleaning up after both your cat and your puppy.

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Good luck in choosing your new litter mat, and enjoy a cleaner, better smelling home!

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Written by Chloe Weaver

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