5 Best Hamster Cages

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If you’re looking to get a hamster, you can’t just place them in a cardboard box and expect them to live there happily ever after. Hamsters are active creatures who need room to run and exercise, not to mention they’ll chew right through cardboard.

It is absolutely necessary to provide a good-sized cage with a flat surface for the bottom, so your pet doesn’t catch their toes and legs through mesh wiring.

Additionally, your hamster is going to need a water bottle, a food dish, a spot for them to use the bathroom, chew toys, and an exercise wheel. Cramming all these things into a tiny space won’t be very convenient or comfortable for you, or your pet.

Make sure the cage you get has plenty of space for your hamster to sleep, stretch out, and do their personal business.

Another thing to take into consideration is that you’ll eventually need to take apart and clean your hamster’s cage at least once or twice per week. If you don’t, things might start to smell pretty bad, and your hammy won’t be very happy or healthy.

Top 5 Hamster Cages to Consider

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat


  • Made from cage and metal to provide accessibility and safety
  • Includes water bottle and dish
  • No difficult assembly requirements
  • Comes in several sizes

Hamsters have plenty of room to run, play, and view the wide world that exists around them in this ham-house. This cage opens from the top to make it easier to clean, and to take your pets out for a little floor time. The Deluxe Habitat is also much safer than a standard cage, and the plastic bottom helps to prevent your critters from catching a toe or a leg in between the wire parts.

The access ramp also provides a sturdy floor, so that your hammy can safely navigate their way to the top of the balcony. One great perk that accompanies this cage is that you don’t have to go out and buy a water bottle or a food dish, they’re included when you purchase your Living World Deluxe Habitat.

An issue that most hamster owners deal with is their pet’s chewing habits, so you’ll be happy to know that this cage is strong enough to withstand a little nibbling. It doesn’t come with an exercise wheel, but it’s already pre-assembled so you can decide what kind of wheel would work best. The Living World Deluxe Habitat also provides various sizes from standard to extra large, so finding a wheel that fits should be pretty easy!

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2. Ferplast Black Hamster Cage

Ferplast Black Hamster Cage


  • Built-in connections so that it can be attached to other cages
  • Includes an exercise wheel
  • Transparency allows you to check on your hamster easily

Watching our hamsters living inside their home is something most people love about having these adorable pets! That’s why the Black Hamster Cage by Ferplast is so great, the bottom half is transparent. So, you can always peek in and see what your tiny friend is up to. It separates the area for playing, sleeping, and eating.

You might even like this cage a little more than the Deluxe Habitat, since it comes with a food station, a water bottle, and an exercise wheel!

However, you may have to fill up it up repeatedly as the size of the cage doesn’t accommodate for a larger water bottle. Customers have also had major issues with the cage arriving broken, or falling apart after very little use. The entrance is also a bit small, making it difficult to take your pet in and out.

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3. Critter Nation by MidWest Homes for Pets

Critter Nation Cage By Midwest Homes For Pets


  • More room than a regular hamster cage
  • Wheels provide mobility
  • Contains extra shelving

Great for larger rodents like Syrian hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, and rats, Critter Nations works incredibly well as an interactive cage. With 4 wheels at the bottom, you can easily roll your hamster cage to any room of the house or give your pet some sunlight outside.

The bottom portion works as a pan to catch any possible liquid from falling through to the shelf below it.

Although it has its perks, the Critter Nation cage doesn’t provide accessories like a water bottle or a wheel. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some people would rather decide which items they choose for their hamster. However, it does require some assembly, which isn’t always fun or convenient. People have also mentioned that it may be cheaply made and doesn’t stay together the way it should.

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4. Prevue Hendrix Deluxe Hamster and Gerbil Cage

Prevue Hendrix Deluxe Hamster And Gerbil Cage


  • Light and easy to transport
  • Bottom plastic tray is removable
  • Includes an exercise wheel

It may not have as much space available as the cages above, but the Deluxe Hamster and Gerbil cage is just as solid and comfortable as the others! Like the Tank topper by Kaytee, this cage comes with not one, but two cubby houses for your hammy to sleep in.

However, with the lack of space this particular container may not be suitable for larger species of hamsters like the Syrian. Dwarf and Teddy Bear hamsters would be far happier in the Deluxe than their oversized counterparts.

Although it has some great perks, the Deluxe has a few problems of its own. The gaps between the second story floor and the walls of the cage make it more likely that a hamster could fall through or get caught. It also doesn’t include the usual accessories such as a water bottle or a food dish, but it does have an exercise wheel.

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5. Kaytee My First Home Tank Topper

Kaytee My First Home Tank Topper


  • Can be attached to the aquarium, but not required
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Works well for smaller rodents such as Gerbils

If you like to know what your hamster is up to, My First Home Tank Topper is another great item that you can see through. Working as a re-purposed fish tank, this cage contains 2 ramps so your hammy can easily make its way to the top of their cage and look down on their tiny world. Including a small hut for hiding and sleeping, your hamster will enjoy hanging out in their own special cubby.

However, this may not be entirely safe for smaller rodents, hamsters included; the drop from the top balcony is far enough to where it could definitely injure their legs or feet. It has been mentioned that the ramps in this cage are quite flimsy and tend to “snap” under too much pressure. You can always replace the ramps with your own accessories, just remember that it’s still part of the price.

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Quality Matters

As you look through your options, recognize that the cheaper the cage, the less likely it is to be safe for your hamster. Plastic cages are popular, but they don’t last very long and tend to absorb the smell of bodily fluids. They’re not always very well made, and it’s not uncommon for hamsters and small animals to get stuck between gaps ill-fitted walls.

Go Big for Your Hamster Home

Studies have suggested that hamsters are happiest when they’re in larger cages. It’s best to just spend a little extra on a large wire cage, which may not come with all the accessories but is still worth the price from a long-term perspective. Of all five, the hamster cage with the best value on this list would have to be the Critter Nation by Midwest Homes for Pets. If you’re the owner of several hamsters or larger rodents such as a chinchilla, this is the largest item available.

It’s also the easiest to clean as there aren’t as many pieces to pull apart. You could easily remove all toys, food dishes, and other objects and simply spray down the whole cage. Take a stainless-steel scrubber or sponge, and scrub down areas that see the most filth. Once it’s completely dry, just place items back where they go, add fresh bedding and you’re done!

Smaller cages and double-decker plastic houses often require disassembling, and by the time you get it back together things may not fit the way they used to or hold together the same. Your hamster needs room to breathe and ventilation as well, which is something that Critter Nation most definitely provides. If you want to set up a fan and give your hamster a cool breeze, they’ll be able to feel it through the wire.

Accessories Included Doesn’t Equal Quality

Items like exercise wheels also vary greatly depending on the size and weight of your hamster, so it’s probably a better idea to shop for those on your own. If your cage includes a wheel, there aren’t any guarantees that it won’t be noisy or have a few kinks.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a cage with a wheel included, it just means that you may need to keep an extra one on hand. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, after all!

Written by Chloe Weaver

Chloe is a kennel technician with 15+ years of experience working with canines. She has volunteered with several rescues including the SPCA and Houston Pets Alive and is attending school to become a Veterinarian in the future. Her passion for animal welfare has led her to freelance writing in hopes of helping to educate others on the issue.

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